Weekly Meal Plan Worksheet

Weekly Meal Plan Worksheet


This Weekly Meal Plan worksheet has changed. my. life. It's concise, free of fluff and gives you the tools to get on the meal planning bandwagon.

For years, I've heard some of my friends say things like, "I need to do our meal plan for next week..." or "I've started meal planning and it's really fun...". To be honest, I've always thought, "it probably doesn't make that much difference" or "yeah, yeah... that's cool and all but I don't think we need to do that." Well, I was wrong. I've found that meal planning not only has the ability to keep your busy mind organized; but it also has the ability help you make more financially and nutritionally beneficial choices.

When I designed this worksheet, I kept in mind the best perks of meal planning and put them all on one place: the meal plan (obviously!), a shopping list, weekly grocery budget and a space to jot down a new meal idea to keep in mind for next week.

  • This download contains three pages: one with printing information & tips, one with the worksheet centered (for clipboards or placing on the fridge) and right aligned (for binders)

  • The download is intended for personal use only. However, feel free to print as many as you would like for your own use.

  • This PDF file was designed 8.5 x 11 inches and are intended to be printed on traditional letter size paper.

  • The quality and end result will depend on the weight, brightness and texture of the paper as well as the print quality settings selected.

  • This worksheet has been aligned for center (left) whole-punch placement or binding and are designed to be printed at home or at your local printing service.

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